Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Please tell me you have heard of Dental Town! If not you have been missing out! Its only the largest online dental community in the world!...A community of members in the dental career that can help you with everything from treating tricky cases to negotiating lease terms. With Dentaltown it is so easy to connect with other dentists and get the mentoring that you need. The site even has CE courses (some that are even FREE).

If you do not have an account with dental town sign up free and create a public profile. No I don't get anything for telling you this. I'm just sharing it with you because it will make you a better dentist.

One of my favorite things is reading the message boards. You can join in discussions with colleagues from around the world to get real-time answers and input., see what's trending today by viewing Today's Active Topics, or visiting your favorite forum to view what interests you most. View interesting cases and post a case of your own--whether you need advice or are just proud of your results.

For example, let me start you with one of my favorite message board threads that I recently found called:

This guy has put a lot of effort into sharing his expertise and extraction cases. This thread is like 300 pages long so go start reading it, I guarantee it will make you a better "Exodontist!"

I love DentalTown and I know you will too. Make it a daily goal to get on and read a message board, or watch a CE course. It will make you a better dentist and your patients will thank you for it.


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